Sentinel-1 GRD CARD4L Processing

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Sentinel Hub provides the full archive of global Sentinel-1 GRD data, which can be processed based on CARD4L NRB (Normalised Radar Backscatter) requirements to reduce the complexity of SAR data. The satellite data is processed to a minimum set of requirements and organized into a form, that allows immediate analysis with minimum user effort. Through the Euro Data Cube Insights On Demand service, you can trigger on-demand processing of CARD4L compliant Sentinel-1 GRD data through EDC Browser and have the products delivered to a specified S3 bucket.
To access sample processed data, we provide freely accessible Sentinel-1 GRD archived CARD4L data covering Africa Continent here, in collaboration with Geoscience Australia and ESA.

Additional info

Additional info


Geographical coverage


Temporal availability

October 2014- ongoing

Update Frequency


Band Information

VVLinear backscatter intensity in VV polarization.
VHLinear backscatter intensity in VH polarization.
MASKData mask.
AREANormalized scattering area.
ANGLELocal incidence angle (degree).


Price Unit
10 EUR 1.000.000 kmĀ²


Access to Sentinel data is free, full and open for the broad Regional, National, European and International user community. Read Terms and Conditions.


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