Sentinel-1 Radiometric Terrain Corrected SAR Backscatter

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Sentinel-1 Radiometric Terrain Corrected SAR Backscatter is a product processed from Sentinel-1 ground range detected (GRD) and is compliant with CEOS Analysis Ready Data for Land (CARD4L) specifications for Normalised Radar Backscatter (NRB) products. CARD4L compliant products fulfil requirements for general metadata, per-pixel metadata, radiometric and atmospheric corrections and geometric corrections outlined in the NRB product family specifications. These products are processed using Sentinel Hub CARD4L generation tool and are radiometrically calibrated to γ° (gamma-nought) backscatter, and provided as linear backscatter power. Full radiometric terrain correction (RTC) based on the technique developed by David Small which is described in the article Flattening Gamma: Radiometric Terrain Correction for SAR Imagery, has been applied using the Copernicus DEM in order to mitigate topographic terrain effects on the backscatter induced by side-looking geometry of SAR imaging and compounded by rugged terrain. Speckle filtering has not been applied in order to preserve spatial resolution and user freedom. The twin Sentinel-1A and 1B satellites are designed to acquire data with a revisit cycle of 6 to 12 days providing continuous all-weather, day and night imagery for Land and Maritime Monitoring. This collection is comprised of CARD4L compliant Sentinel-1 VV and VH backscatter products over Africa for archived data, with new acquisitions being updated daily as they become available. To obtain CARD4L compliant Sentinel-1 data for other parts of the world, registered users have the possibility of custom processing using CARD4L generation tool.

Additional info

Additional info




Geographical coverage

Africa Continent

Temporal availability

2018-01-01 - Ongoing

Temporal Resolution

Every 6 to 12 days

Update Frequency


Band Information

VVLinear backscatter intensity in VV polarization.
VHLinear backscatter intensity in VH polarization.
MASKData mask.
AREANormalized scattering area.
ANGLELocal incidence angle (degree).


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Sentinel Hub GmbH, (contributing partners: Geoscience Australia and ESA)

Managed By

Sentinel Hub GmbH

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