Maximum Chlorophyll Index (MCI)

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The Maximum Chlorophyll Index (MCI) is a dimensionless indicator for critical eutrophication. It is robust and can be applied to any water body for the identification of potentially critical situations due to excessive algal growth. Originally developed for the MERIS intrument, it has been successfully transferred to other sensors as well. Here, we offer an MCI for the whole Sentinel-2 archive, i.e., with global coverage. The product contains the index itself, plus the inputs bands of Sentinel-2 as well as Scene Classification and Cloud Mask to allow for the analysis of potential issues caused by the contamination with undetected clouds or adjacency effects.



Geographical coverage


Temporal availability

June 23, 2015 - ongoing

Temporal Resolution

4 days

Update Frequency

New Sentinel data are added regularly, usually within few hours after they are available on Copernicus Hub.

Band Information

NameDescriptionUnits & Typical Range
B04Wavelength 665nmREFLECTANCE, typically from 0 - 1.0
B05Wavelength 704nmREFLECTANCE, typically from 0 - 1.0
B06Wavelength 740nmREFLECTANCE, typically from 0 - 1.0
CLDCloud probability, based on Sen2Cor processorPercentage, 0 - 100
SCLScene classification data, based on Sen2Cor processorCodelist, from 0-11


The unit price per 10000km² is around 14 Euro, however there is a minimum price of 25 Euro per order. The total price is calculated by multiplying the unit price for the area with the number of time slices. As an example, if the order comprises an area of interest of 41200km² side and 12 time slices, the final price will be 4.12 x 12 x 14€ = 692€.


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