Western USA Live Fuel Moisture

Short description

The Western USA Live Fuel Moisture is a dataset manually collected in the western United States by the United States Forest Service. Live fuel moisture represents the mass of water in live vegetation elements like leaves, needles, and twigs divided by its oven-dried mass in percentage. It is an indicator which can be used for wildfire assessment. This collection has been rasterized from the original vector data (points) at 10 m resolution to be paired with Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 imagery.

Band information

The Western USA Live Fuel Moisture contains in situ live fuel moisture measurements and other information regarding the measurement site.
Band Name Sample Type Description
percent FLOAT 32 Live fuel moisture content
slope FLOAT 32 Terrain slope
elevation FLOAT 32 Altitude above mean sea level
canopy_height FLOAT 32 Height of canopy from ground level
forest_cover FLOAT 32 Land cover class from GLOBCOVER dataset
silt FLOAT 32 Silt fractions
sand FLOAT 32 Sand fraction
clay FLOAT 32 Clay fraction

More information

More information about the Western USA Fuel Moisture dataset is described on the Source Cooperative (previously Radiant MLHub).

Representative Images

Live fuel moisture measurement sites in western USALive fuel moisture measurement sites in western USA.