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The Truck Detection algorithm detects the number of moving trucks along roads using 10m resolution Sentinel-2 level 2A data. The author Henrik Fisser (, developed this algorithm (with the title: Truck detection – Sensing trade from space) in the context of the Euro Data Cube COVID-19 edition of Sentinel Hub’s custom script contest. The algorithm exploits the small offset between Sentinel-2 bands which causes moving objects to appear as rainbows in RGB images allowing the detection and mapping of moving trucks.
The output of the algorithm is point vector data ( GeoPackage (.gpkg) format) with the coordinates of the detected trucks, dates of detected trucks and the valid road area as attributes. More information regarding input and output specifications can be found under additional information. To generate trucks vector data, navigate to EDC Browser, select the required input parameters and follow the check-out wizard to complete your order. To download sample trucks vector data, click here

Additional info

Additional info


Geographical coverage


Temporal availability

Europe: November 2016 - ongoing Global: January 2017 - ongoing

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Attributes Information

fidTruck identifierInteger
DateDate when the truck is detectedString
roads_coveredRatio of the valid road area; (entire road area - road covered by clouds area)/entire road areaFloat


Unit price per 1.000 km2 area of interest per 1 month period is 0.95 EUR, with a progressive volume discount based on the ordered volume during last 12 months. Minimum individual processing order is 1.000 km².

Range Unit Price
1.000 km2 to 1.000.000 km2 1.000 km2 0.95 EUR
1.000.000 km2 to 10.000.000 km2 1.000 km2 0.75 EUR
more than 10.000.000 km2 1.000 km2 0.60 EUR
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