Operational Sentinel-3 snow and ice products (SICE)

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Operational Sentinel-3 snow and ice products (SICE) is a modification of the original algorithm developed by the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) which is available here. The algorithms were originally developed after the work from Kokhanovsky et al. (2018, 2019, 2020). The EDC SICE algorithm produces the same results but it's integrated with the Sentinel Hub infrastructure which allows the user to obtain the results much faster and at higher resolutions. The algorithm uses the already geopositioned and orthorectified S3 - Ocean and Land Color Instrument (OLCI) data provided by Sentinel Hub API in order to calculate different snow optical properties such as snow spectral and broadband albedo and also snow microstructure (snow specific surface area and effective optical grain size). Theoretical basis of the algorithm can be obtained here and here. Since the algorithm relies heavily on the sun zenith angle (SZA), the best results for the northern polar regions can be obtained for the periods between May and September (depending on the location Latitude). To generate the SICE data, navigate to EDC Browser, select the required input parameters and follow the check-out wizard to complete your order. Produced data will be uploaded directly into your JupyterLab environment on EDC.


Geographical coverage

Polar regions covered by snow

Temporal availability

Global: November 2016 - ongoing

Update Frequency


Attributes Information

aoiArea of interestPolyon or bounding box
DateDate of data retievalString
ProjectionTarget projection of the produced data. By default the results will be provided in EPSG:4326.String

Produced results

diagnostic_retrieval.tifSnow quality (0 - clean snow, 1 - polluted snow; 6 - polluted snow for which r0 was calculated and not derived from observations; 7 - polluted snow of calculated spherical albedo in bands 1 and 2 > 0.98 reprocessed as clean snow; 100 - sza>75, no retrival; 102 - TOA reflectance at band 21 < 0.1, no retrieval; 104 - grain_diameter < 0.1, no retrieval, potential cloud flag; -n - impossible to solve polluted snow albedo equation at band n)
grain_diameter.tifGrain diametermm
albedo_bb_planar_sw.tifShortwave broadband planar albedo700-2400 nm
albedo_bb_spherical_sw.tifShortwave broadband spherical albedo700-2400 nm
snow_specific_surface_area.tifSnow specific surface aream2kg-1
r_TOA_01_valid.tifTop of the Atmosphere Reflectance (OLCI band 1)
r_TOA_06_valid.tifTop of the Atmosphere Reflectance (OLCI band 6)
r_TOA_17_valid.tifTop of the Atmosphere Reflectance (OLCI band 7)
r_TOA_21_valid.tifTop of the Atmosphere Reflectance (OLCI band 21)


Prices are defined based on the selected roi and resolution. Regardless of the size and resolution, the minimal cost for initiating request is 10 EDC credits.


Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Attribution: Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data (year) processed by Sentinel Hub


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