PlantVillage Crop Type Kenya

Short description

The PlantVillage Crop Type Kenya is a dataset that contains field boundaries and crop type information for fields in Kenya. The crop information is collected in situ using the PlantVillage app. This collection has been rasterised from the original vector data at 10 m resolution to be paired with Sentinel-1 & Sentinel-2 imagery.

Band information

The PlantVillage Crop Type Kenya collection contains a crop type label and a crop density label to indicate the major crop in the field and the estimated density of the field.
Band Name Sample Type Description
crop UINT 8 Crop type
crop_density FLOAT 32 Crop density

Crop type colouring scheme

Value Color Color Code Label
1 #a6cee3 Banana
2 #1f78b4 Bean
3 #b2df8a Cabbage
4 #33a02c Cassavas
5 #fb9a99 Fallowland
6 #e31a1c Groundnut
7 #fdbf6f Maize
8 #ff7f00 Millet
9 #cab2d6 Sorghum
10 #6a3d9a Soybean
11 #ffff99 Sugarcane
12 #b15928 Sweetpotato
13 #ff99ff Tomato

Crop density colouring schema

Value Color Color Code Label
1 #000000 1% confidence
100 #00c800 100% confidence

More information

More information about the PlantVillage Crop Type Kenya collection is described on the Source Cooperative (previously Radiant MLHub) and the documentation can be downloaded here.

Representative Images

Western Kenya cropsCrop types recorded in western Kenya in 2019.