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The Graphical Parcel Register (Registre parcellaire graphique (RPG) is a geographical database allowing the identification of agricultural parcels. Its primary purpose is to provide a spatial reference for aid applications under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). The anonymised version of RPG with information on the main crop on the agricultural parcel (before 2015, on farmer’s block) is publicly available. RGP is managed by the Service and Payment Agency (ASP) . In 2015, RPG version 1.0 was replaced by RPG version 2.0. Even if the two products both describe agricultural parcels on the French territory, their content is quite different. In version 1.0, the information is provided at the level of a farmer’s block, in 2.0, at the level of a parcel. Farmer’s blocks remain present in the RPG 2.0 data, but only as a separate shapefile with blocks’ ids and geometries. Limitations - the RPG data must be handled with caution:

Coordinate Reference System

EPSG:2154 (RGF93 / Lambert-93 - France) , more info. Use the GDAL command below to convert the GSAA collection's CRS into CRS of your choice:
ogr2ogr [-s_srs srs_def] [-t_srs srs_def] [dstfile] [srcfile]
Example of converting from EPSG:2154 to EPSG:3857
ogr2ogr -s_srs EPSG:2154 -t_srs EPSG:3857 gsaa_3857.shp gsaa_2154.shp

Attribute Information

Table 1: Description of Attributes

Name Type Description
ID_PARCEL String Parcel identifier
CODE_CULTU String Total geographical area covered by the block in hectares.
CODE_GROUP String Code of the main crop group.
CULTURE_D1 String Code of the catch crop
CULTURE_D2 String Code of the second catch crop
SURF_PARC Double Area of the parcel in hectares

Table 2: Description of the crop groups

CODE_GROUP French Description English Description
1 blé tendre common wheat
2 maïs grain et ensilage corn grain and silage
3 orge barley
4 autres céréales other cereals
5 colza rape
6 tournesol sunflower
7 autres oléagineux other oilseeds
8 protéagineux protein
9 plantes à fibres fiber plants
11 gel (surfaces gelées sans production) gel (frozen surfaces without production)
14 riz rice
15 légumineuses à grains grain legumes
16 fourrage fodder
17 estives et landes mountain pastures and moors
18 prairies permanentes permanent grassland
19 prairies temporaires temporary grassland
20 vergers orchards
21 vignes vineyards
22 fruits à coque nuts
23 oliviers olive trees
24 autres cultures industrielles other industrial crops
25 légumes ou fleurs vegetables or flowers
26 canne à sucre sugar cane
28 divers other

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