EOxCloudless Sentinel-2 10m Global Mosaic

EOxCloudless Sentinel-2 10m Global Cloudless Mosaic is a derived product, created to provide an almost cloudfree global dataset every year. For a detailed description of the generally available products please refer to EOxCloudless.

EOxCloudless available at Euro Data Cube

The EOxCloudless data collection is available under the Insights On Demand section of the EuroDataCube marketplace.There is a minimum as well as a maximum price for purchasing a subset of the data as shown in the table below.
Year Min. Price Global Price Price per Zone
2021 800,- EUR 16 000,- EUR 5.0 EUR/Zone
2020 700,- EUR 14 000,- EUR 4.375 EUR/Zone
Zones as mentioned in the table above are 2.813x2.813[degree] large squares in EPSG:4326 distributed over the Earth's landmasses. The distribution of these zones for the EOxCloudless data is displayed in the image below. These zones are used to calculate the price between the min. and max. (global) price for the EOxCloudless products.EOxCloudless 2020 - Zones for Pricing

General EOxCloudless Product

The EOxCloudless products are readily available for the last recent years starting from 2016 for the Viewing Products and 2018 for the Data Products.

EOxCloudless Viewing Products

The EOxCloudless Viewing Ready single-file product is available in two formats and two projections. It includes the three bands Red, Green, and Blue and is rendered as regular JPEG images in True Color.The available projections are: The available formats are: The EOxCloudless Viewing Basic GeoTIFFs product is available in the same projections and provided as GeoTIFF TileDirectory.

EOxCloudless Data Products

The EOxCloudless Data Products are available as GeoTIFF TileDirectories in WGS84 lat/lon EPSG:4326 projection and include the four 10[m] resolution bands Red, Green, Blue, and NIR (B04, B03, B02, and B08).They are offered in full Sentinel-2 data range as 16bit GeoTIFF TileDirectory - Exploitation Ready and reduced data range as 8bit GeoTIFF TileDirectory - Exploitation Starter.


Earth rotation 2020
Example of a follow-up product created from the EOxCloudless using Blender
Mosaic changes from 2016 to 2021
Time-lapse of the world, showcasing EOxCloudless improvements over the years
Different Color Render of 2021 Mosaic
True Color, NDVI and False Color NIR versions of the 2021 Mosaic
EOxCloudless Viewing Ready 2020
Showcase of the EOxCloudless Viewing Ready Product from the https://s2maps.eu/