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Earth System Data Cube v2.1.1 is a result of the project Earth System Data Lab, which is now continued as Deep Earth System Data Lab (DeepESDL). It contains relevant variables for Earth System Science, mostly derived from Earth Observation, but the compilation also includes model or re-analysis data. There are two resolutions available and for each resolution a differently chunked version.The DeepESDL project is very grateful to all data owners for kindly providing the data sets free of charge. They come without any warranty, neither from the owners, the DeepESDL team or ESA.


Product information



0.083deg , 0.25deg

Geographical coverage

(179.9569°W, -179.95833°E, -89.95761°S, 89.958336°N)

Temporal availability

['1979-01-05', '2018-12-31']

Temporal Resolution

Daily mean

Update Frequency


Variables Information

aerosol_optical_thickness_1600Aerosol Optical Thickness at 1600 nm
aerosol_optical_thickness_550Aerosol Optical Thickness at 550 nm
aerosol_optical_thickness_670Aerosol Optical Thickness at 670 nm
aerosol_optical_thickness_870Aerosol Optical Thickness at 870 nm
air_temperature_2m2 metre air temperature
analysed_sstanalysed sea surface temperature
bare_soil_evaporationBare Soil Evaporation
black_sky_albedoBlack Sky Albedo for Visible Wavebands
black_sky_albedo_avhrrDirectional Hemisphere Reflectance albedo - VIS band
burnt_areaMonthly Burnt Area
c_emissionsCarbon Dioxide Emissions Due to Natural Fires
ceeCloud Effective Emissivity at 10.8 um
cerCloud Effective Radius
cfcCloud fraction
chlor_aChlorophyll-a Concentration in Seawater
cotCloud Optical Thickness
cphFraction of Liquid Water Clouds
cthCloud Top Height
ctpCloud Top Pressure
cttCloud Top Temperature
evaporative_stressEvaporative Stress Factor
fapar_tipFraction of Absorbed PAR
fat_cTropospheric Ozone Column (Fixed Altitude)
fat_pTropopause Air Pressure for the Fixed Altitude Tropopause
flt_cTropospheric Ozone Column
flt_pTropopause Air Pressure for the Fixed Layer Tropopause
fractional_snow_coverSurface Fraction Covered by Snow
free_fat_cTropospheric Ozone Column (Fixed Altitude)
free_flt_cTropospheric Ozone Column (Fixed Layers)
free_lrt_cTropospheric Ozone Column ( Lapse Rate)
free_msr_fltResidual MSR-FLT (Stratospheric Part Partial)
free_msr_lrtResidual MSR-LRT (Stratospheric Part Partial)
gross_primary_productivityGross Primary Productivity
interception_lossInterception Loss
iwpCloud Ice Water Path
land_surface_temperatureLand Surface Temperature
latent_energyLatent Energy
leaf_area_indexEffective Leaf Area Index
lrt_cTropospheric Ozone Column (Lapse Rate)
lrt_pTropopause Air Pressure (Lapse Rate)
lwpCloud Liquid Water Path
masksea/land/lake/ice field composite mask
max_air_temperature_2mMaximum 2 metre air temperature
min_air_temperature_2mMinimum 2 metre air temperature
msr_fltResidual MSR-FLT (Stratospheric Part Partial)
msr_lrtResidual MSR-LRT (Stratospheric Part Partial)
net_ecosystem_exchangeNet Ecosystem Exchange
net_radiationNet Radiation
open_water_evaporationOpen-water Evaporation
ozoneMean Total Ozone Column in dobson units
parPhotosynthetically Active Radiation
pardiffDiffuse Photosynthetically Active Radiation
potential_evaporationPotential Evaporation
precipitation_era5ERA 5 Precipitation
psurfSurface Air Pressure
radiation_era5ERA 5 Surface Shortwave Downwelling Radiation
RgDownwelling shortwave radiation
root_moistureRoot-Zone Soil Moisture
sea_ice_fractionsea ice area fraction
sensible_heatSensible Heat
smVolumetric Soil Moisture
snow_sublimationSnow Sublimation
snow_water_equivalentDaily Snow Water Equivalent
srex_maskMask for SREX Regions
stempSurface Temperature
surface_moistureSurface Soil Moisture
terrestrial_ecosystem_respirationTerrestrial Ecosystem Respiration
totcol_assimTotal Ozone Column (Assimilated TM5 data)
totcol_freeTotal Ozone Column (Assimilated TM5 data)
totcol_msrTotal Ozone Column (MSR data)
water_maskTerrestrial or Water Pixel Classification
water_vapourTotal Column Water Vapour
white_sky_albedoWhite Sky Albedo for Visible Wavebands
white_sky_albedo_avhrrBi-Hemisphere Reflectance Albedo - VIS band
xch4Column Average Dry-air Mole Fraction Methane
xco2Column Average Dry-air Mole Fraction Carbon Dioxide


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