Lake Water Quality 300m

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The Lake Water Quality NRT 300m product provides optical observations of global inland water bodies (nominally 4200) that are either medium and large sized lakes according to Global Lakes and Wetlands Database or most strategic for monitoring. The product consists of three water quality parameters: (1) turbidity, which is a key indicator of water clarity, quantifying the haziness of the water and acting as an indicator of underwater light availability.(2) trophic state index, an indicator of productivity of a lake in terms of phytoplankton and is used for monitoring eutrophication status of a water body and (3) lake water-leaving reflectances which can be used to produce true-color images or for further development of the algorithms. The input is Sentinel-3 OLCI L1b data. The products are provided as 10-day averages of the parameters except for lake water-leaving reflectances which corresponds to the the most representative spectrum of the period of observation. The dataset available in EDC is static and currently not updated.

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Geographical coverage

(180°W, 180°E, 90°N, 90°S)

Temporal availability

['2018-01-01', '2020-12-21']

Temporal Resolution

10 day averages New product every 1st, 11th and 21st day of each month

Variables Information

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Brockmann Consult

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