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ESA's Climate Change Initiative provides Climate Data Records (CDRs) for Essential Climate Variables (ECVs) generated from the long-term global EO archives. As it stands, the programme offers 22 ECVs with 413 datasets and a multiple of single parameters. In EDC, the data can be conveniently accessed via the xcube datastore for CCI Open Data Portal.


Product information




Geographical coverage

-180, -90., 180, 90.

Temporal availability

1978-11-01 - 2021-07-08

Variables Information

AerosolSet of global aerosol ECV products from different sensors
CloudLong-term coherent cloud property data sets
Greenhouse GasesCarbon Dioxide and Methane products
OzoneOzone products from ESA and Third Party Missions
Ocean ColourChlorophyll, Inherent Optical Properties, and Water-leaving Reflecatnce products
Sea IceSea ice Concentration and Sea ice Thickness products
Sea LevelSea Level ECV products from different instruments
Sea StateWave height products integrating different sensors
Sea Surface SalinitySea Surface Salinity products
Sea Surface TemperatureSea Surface Temperature products
Water VapourProducts on Water Vapour content in the Atmosphere
Antarctic Ice SheetLocation, Mass Balance, and Velocities of the Antarctic Ice Sheet
Above-Ground BiomassGlobal Datasets for forest Above-Ground Biomass
FireDifferent Burned Area products
GlaciersInventory of Glacier Outlines
Greenland Ice SheetDifferent products characterizing the dynamics of Greenland Ice Sheet
LakesDifferent variables characterizing Lakes on a global scale
Land CoverGlobal classification of Land Cover and a Water Bodies Map
Land Surface TemperatureLand Surface Temperature products integrating different sensors
PermafrostActive Layer Thickness, Ground Temperature, and Extent products for the Northern Hemisphere
SnowLong time-series of daily Snow Water Equivalent and Snow Cover Fraction
Soil MoistureSoil Moisture products from different sensors


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