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Flemish Geo-spatial Aid Application (GSAA) data is managed by the Belgium Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. It contains the parcels that are in agricultural use on the deadline for submission of the single application that year. The register also includes pounds, wood edges and agricultural production facilities (stables and similar buildings). The inventory of these parcels takes place annually in the context of the payment of the (co-financed) European agricultural subsidies and the Flemish manure legislation. It can be used for consultation or study of the land use of agricultural parcels for the year in question. This dataset does not contain all data from original GSAA dataset. Only the main crop and the production method are included as attribute information. It forms the basis for the aforementioned registration. The GSAA is prepared with screen digitization of the agricultural parcels of each farmer individually, based on the agricultural parcels of the previous year and the farmer's collective application. For the background, the most recent colour orthophotos of the Flemish Geographical Information Agency (AGIV) at that time are used.

Coordinate Reference System

EPSG: 31370 (Belge 1972 / Belgian Lambert 72 -- Belgium) , more info
Use the GDAL command below to convert the GSAA collection's CRS into CRS of your choice:
ogr2ogr [-s_srs srs_def] [-t_srs srs_def] [dstfile] [srcfile]
Example of converting from EPSG:31370 to EPSG:3857
ogr2ogr -s_srs EPSG:31370 -t_srs EPSG:3857 gsaa_3857.shp gsaa_31370.shp

Attribute Information

Table 1: Description of Attributes

Name Type Description
OIDN Long Object identifier. Serial number assigned by the AGIV based on the ALVID
UIDN Long Identifier assigned by the AGIV. The combination of OIDN and UIDN is a unique identifier
ALVID Long Unique identifier assigned by Department for agriculture and fisheries (LV)
HFDTLT String Main crop type, i.e. parcel crop type on 21st April of the relevant year
LBLHFDTLT String Crop type description
GEWASGROEP String Crop group
PM String Production method code
LBLPM String Production method code description
LENGTE Double Perimeter calculated based on the geometry of the polygon (in m)
OPPERVL Double Parcel area calculated based on the geometry of the polygon (in m²)

Table 2: Description of crop groups (GEWASGROEP)

GEWASGROEP English Description
Aardappelen Potatoes
Fruit en Noten Fruits and nuts
Granen, zaden en peulvruchten Grains, seeds and legumes
Grasland Grassland
Groenten, kruiden en sierplanten Vegetables, herbs and ornamental plants
Houtachtige gewassen Trees and shrubs
Landbouwinfrastructuur Agricultural infrastructure
Maïs Maize
Overige gewassen Other crops
Suikerbieten Sugar beet
Vlas en hennep Flax and hemp
Voedergewassen Fodder crops
Water Water

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